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WINGBRUSH® Starter Set - Smart Interdental Brush

WINGBRUSH® Starter Set - Smart Interdental Brush

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The WINGBRUSH® interdental brushes uses a particularly thin wire for pleasant cleaning. The bristles are gentle and round towards the tip. The innovative feeler facilitates to find the interdental space. The shape of the WINGBRUSH® prevents the wire from bending over. Moreover, the feeler prevents the wire from peeking into your gum while seeking the approximate gaps.

What WINGBRUSH® Starter Set offers:

WINGBRUSH®-handle with 3 replaceable brushes in different sizes to find your individual size. 1 x WINGBRUSH®-handle, 1 x XS (ISO 0), 1 x S (ISO 2) & 1 x M/L (ISO 3).

Change the size, not the system:

XS Size: Fits into every gap and is especially suitable for narrow interdental spaces. as well as patients with brackets and retainers. 

S Size: Is suitable for slightly wider tooth spaces and teeth with bridges, crowns and implants. 

M/L Size: has conical shaped bristles that have a narrow tip and a wide end. It is perfectly suited for periodontal patients and patients with wider tooth spaces. 

3 sizes to fit all sizes and needs!

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