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Plackers® Gentleslide® Dental Floss Picks 75ct

Plackers® Gentleslide® Dental Floss Picks 75ct

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If you have tight teeth, you understand the discomfort when flossing with traditional fiber floss. Plackers® GentleSlide® flossers are made with high-performance, shred-resistant floss that slides easily between your teeth and resists frustrating floss breakage. This innovative floss fiber technology makes flossing between tight teeth effortless and comfortable. Traditional fiber floss can be unsanitary while sticking dirty fingers in your mouth and causes discomfort for some users, particularly those with sensitive gums. Plackers® GentleSlide® floss picks are gentle on your gums and fingers, removing debris without needing a mirror. Flossing teeth once a day is recommended and Plackers® Flossups make it easy to maintain a good dental hygiene routine. GentleSlide® flossers also feature a tartar pick to gently remove plaque and food debris. Keep these easy, disposable flossers in your pocket, purse, desk or car for a quick floss on the move and smile with confidence.

What Plackers® Gentleslide® Dental Floss Picks 75ct offers:

  • Our best floss against shredding and breakage with tight teeth
  • Plackers® flossers that are careful around your sensitive gums
  • Flossing tool for interdental cleaning 
  • Plackers GentleSlide® mint flossers for a clean, fresh feeling
  • Disposable flossers that are easy to carry in your pocket or purse for flossing on the go
  • Flossups with integrated tartar pick
  • Floss picks for convenient and sanitary dental hygiene maintenance 
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