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Philips Norelco Nose, Ear & Brow Trimmer NT1605/60

Philips Norelco Nose, Ear & Brow Trimmer NT1605/60

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The Philips NorelcoNOSETRIMMER 1605 gently removes unwanted nose, ear and eyebrow hairs. TheProtecTube technology and the specially designed angle of the trimmer ensure apowerful, easy and comfortable trim with no pulling guaranteed.

What Philips Norelco Nose, Ear & Brow Trimmer NT1605/60 offers:

Powerful trimmer

  •         Advanced ProtecTube technology with innovativeguard system
  •          Ultra precise & sharp cutting slots for aperfect trim

Designed forprecision

  •        Perfectly angled for easy reach inside ear ornose
  •         3mm(1/8") comb to trim or tidy up eyebrows

Easy to Use

  • Fully Washable
  • Soft-touch Rubber grip for maximum control
  • A battery included

Built to last

  •  The blades never need to be oiled

Box Content: The Philips Norelco Nose trimmer 1605 comes with the precision trimmer, eyebrow guard, and AA battery included.

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