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Panasonic Wet/Dry Body Groomer ER-GK60

Panasonic Wet/Dry Body Groomer ER-GK60

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Panasonic Wet/Dry Body Groomer

Model: ER-GK60-S541
Gentle, Easy Body Trimming

Debut of a new grooming tool for gentle, easy and close body hair grooming especially for sensitive areas.

Protective, wide-edged fixed blade
The blade effectively catches hairs while preventing skin irritation. Through a dual blade system, the blades cut closely but also protect the skin from any irritation or cuts.

I-shaped design
Through the ergonomic l-shaped design, the trimmer ensures a comfortable, precise and close shaving experience.

V-shaped head, Wet/dry, Washable, Charging stand
With a V shaped head, the trimmer makes it easy to clean even the hardest-to-reach areas gently & can even be used in the shower, thanks to the waterproof technology. Maintenance is also super easy, with the trimmer and heads only needing to be cleaned with water.

Groom hair everywhere
Designed for hard to reach areas
Groom close and gentle protective blade shaves to 0.1mm
Groom without mess
Wet/dry, for easy shower use.

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