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Panasonic Nanoe Double Mineral Hair Dryer

Panasonic Nanoe Double Mineral Hair Dryer

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Introducing Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NA98-K765 

Provides total care for hair, scalp and skin

Moisture-rich nanoe™ hydrates hair and scalp, while nanoe™ & Double Mineral Ions prevent damage from brushing and protect from UV rays. Four special modes for hair, skin and scalp.

nanoe™ & Double Mineral Ions advantages
Help hair better resist friction & UV damage
Comes equipped with Quick-dry nozzle
Intelligent temperature control mode for easy fast drying without excessive heat for Gentle, quick drying
Hot/Cold alternating mode
Scalp care mode
Skin care mode
Easy-clean filter
Multi-mode - with touch of a button select different modes
Sliding switch
Foldable handle - easy storage

Size and Weight:
Height 226mm
Width 90mm
Depth 210mm
Weight 502g

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