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Panasonic Dental Water Flosser & Oral Irrigator EW1611W

Panasonic Dental Water Flosser & Oral Irrigator EW1611W

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The Panasonic Dental Water Flosser and Oral Irrigator EW1611W lets you easily maintain lasting oral health with the efficiency of ultrasonic power flosser waterjets to clean away food debris between teeth and from periodontal pockets.

What Panasonic Dental Water Flosser & Oral Irrigator EW1611W offers:

  • Advanced Oral Care: Advanced, 10-setting ultrasonic oral irrigator offers different pressure settings for individual comfort to clean away food debris from between the teeth and periodontal pockets for healthier teeth and gums
  • Ultrasonic Waterjet Nozzle: Ultrasonic waterjet nozzle accelerates water flow to generate thousands of micro-bubbles that burst on contact with teeth and gums to help break up plaque and rinse out food debris
  • Retractable Coiled Water Hose: Retractable coiled water hose makes everyday teeth and gum cleaning easy and includes a convenient magnetized water flosser nozzle handle and storage port; While stored, the bottom of the handle is elevated to remain clean
  • Large-Capacity Water Reservoir: Easy-fill 20-ounce detachable water reservoir holds enough water for thorough food debris removal, providing up to 115 seconds of cleaning power; Dishwasher safe (Reservoir only—No other parts are dishwasher safe)
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