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OrVance Temporary Tooth Repair 12 APPLICATIONS

OrVance Temporary Tooth Repair 12 APPLICATIONS

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Temporary Pain Relief From Chipped Teeth, Loose Crowns and Missing Fillings 


Repair broken teeth, lost fillings and crowns for instant pain relief with our Temporary Tooth Repair kit.

Easy to use -- the application process takes 10 seconds and unlike cement based products, there's no wait time for setting!

Preferred solution for temporary repairs - it's made of tooth colored material that lasts longer than competitor products and has no bad taste.

Why Is OrVance® Temporary Tooth Repair The Best Solution For Emergency At-Home Tooth Repairs?

Our Temporary Tooth Repair kit will provide instant pain relief while you wait to see the dentist.

Use it temporarily for nearly any "broken tooth" scenario, including chipped teeth, loose crowns and missing fillings.

Nothing on the market is easier to use! Simply press it onto the tooth surface for 3-5 seconds, then mold as desired. Temporary Tooth Repair will self-mold to your bite for a comfortable, tight fit.

Nobody will know you're using our product because it's tooth colored! You may not even notice as you can mold it as needed and it doesn't have a bad taste.

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