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Instant Marijuana Test Kit

Instant Marijuana Test Kit

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  • Single Panel THC Test
  • Test for THC (Marijuana) 50ng/ML / Up to 18 month Shelf Life
  • FDA 510(K) cleared / 99% Accuracy Levels * Easy, 2-step Procedure
  • Easy to read results, 2 red lines for negative, 1 red line for positive
  • Meets SAMHSA standards for substance abuse screening
  • Ideal for self testing: Employees / Teens / Abuse Centers / Schools

The 1 Panel THC is one of the most accurate most reliable tests for marijuana in the market today. It is the very same one used by professionals and so you are guaranteed of professionalism when using our test. Detection period: within 2 to 5 hours of use Detection level: 50 ng/mL Produced form the widely known cannabis plant, marijuana stands at being the most widely abused illegal and legal drug the entire world over. Though medically known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, or just THC in short, on the streets the drug goes by names such as weed, pot, grass and hash. Our 1 Panel THC test can detect marijuana in the system as soon as 2 or 5 hours after ingestion; but the drug stays in the system for a very long time and depending on frequency and amount used, the test may still detect the hash even 7 to 45 days later. The more frequently you use marijuana; and the more the amount you use, the longer it shall be stored in your system and even a month later, your urine shall still have traces of the drug.


For In Field / Presumptive / Self Testing ONLY 

Note: These kits are designed for screening testing only. 

WhiteSmileNZ suggests that for any positive screening results you should seek professional advice. WhiteSmileNZ hold no responsibility for results for self-testing. 

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