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Fixodent® Plus Scope Flavour Denture Adhesive Cream 57g

Fixodent® Plus Scope Flavour Denture Adhesive Cream 57g

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Want fresh breath and a strong denture hold? Try Fixodent® Food Seal plus Scope. It combines a great hold with fresh breath by killing germs that cause bad breath. Plus, the Precision Tip Nozzle gives you the control to apply the right amount of Fixodent® just where you want it. 

How to use Fixodent® Plus Scope Flavour Denture Adhesive Cream:

  • Clean and dry dentures thoroughly before applying Fixodent®.
  • Apply Fixodent® to dentures in strips (as shown in the diagram) or series of dots.  Start with a small amount at first.  Do not apply too close to denture edges.
  • Press dentures firmly in place and hold briefly. You are using too much if product oozes after inserting dentures.
  • Many denture wearers find one use a day is sufficient.  If you are using Fixodent® more than twice a day or have problems with your denture hold, consult your dentist about the fit of your dentures.
  • See your dentist regularly to ensure properly fitting dentures.  Poorly fitting dentures may impair your health.

Tube size: 57 grams

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