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DENTEMP Protect-It Custom Fit Dental Guards - 8 VALUE PACK

DENTEMP Protect-It Custom Fit Dental Guards - 8 VALUE PACK

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Protect Your Teeth During Sleep with DENTEMP Protect-It Custom Fit Night Guards - 8 Guard Value Pack + 1 x Storage Case. REUSABLE. For Nighttime teeth grinding (bruxism)

Stop the Nightly Grind!

we know not all teeth grinders are the same and know a clunky one-size fits all isn't the way to go. With Dentemp's Protect-it mouth guards you can create a custom fit guard with easy to follow steps. Just boil it, bite it, and wear it!

Protect-it is a reusable mouthguard that offers full teeth protection, while maintaining a soft and comfy wear for you! You'll get a custom fit without the hassle of a tray.

Grinding your teeth?

Waking up to an achy jaw from a night filled with teeth grinding, does not a good day make. Protect-it helps those who suffer with TMJ, bruxism or jaw clenching say hello to a restful night sleep and goodbye to painful mornings with the 8 guard value pack. 

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