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Archtek Travel Caddies 3-Case Bundle

Archtek Travel Caddies 3-Case Bundle

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This 3-case bundle is perfect for storing small items for many travel needs such as jewellery, dental appliances, medications, First Aid and more! 

What Archtek Travel Caddies 3-Case Bundle offers:

  • Vented to allow for air to circulate to reduce bacteria
  • Durable material to protect the contents
  • Securely closes to lock in the device (securely snaps closed)
  • Perfect for retainers, whitening trays, mouthguards and more!
  • Airport travel friendly case for carry on


Includes (1) x red case, (1) x  blue case & (1) x  white case
One - 1.5" deep case (white case)
Two - 0.75" deep cases (red and blue case)

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